Electric Cargo Van three wheeler

৳ 340,000.00



For detail Specifications below:
Dimension:-        2520*1530m.
Battery:               12V, 200Ah acid Battery, 5 Pcs.
Motor :               60V, 1200W Brushless DC Magnet Differential Motor.
Controller :          60V, 1200W Brushless Controller
Rear Suspension:  Leaf Spring, Coil Spring
Max Loading :       Capacity 1000-1100Kg
Max. Speed:          40-50Km/h
Charging Time:       8Hours
Tyre Size :               512 size
Mileage :                100-120Km(Full Charge)
Meter Digital Meter  ( Indicating lights, Speed, Battery Power)
Spare Wheel            1(One)
Electric Cost               4-5 unit
Seat Capacity            2 Persons(1 passengers,1 driver)
Seat cover material Durable, waterproof


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